Modern way to pay, escrow and get paid for Africans.

We created the GHSC stablecoin for payment escrow and transfer across Africa.

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We are building the GHSC stablecoin on
Easily manage your works.

A platform managed with a easy design is what we stand for.

Escrow payments with stable currencies.

A platform to connect and trade securely with merchants across Africa.

Trustless way to engage with third-parties.

Each party engeages with confidence on all payments.

Starting with JangoSend is easier than anything!

Big, small, online, offline, local or other. We built it with all users in mind. Easy to create links and track as payments trickle in.

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Access to different
payment currences on the continent

Big, small, online, offline, local or other trnsactions covered. Size doesn't matter. We work to make every one happy on the platform. Check out some of our favorites.

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Easily communicate with clients using chatbox.

We offer the tools to community with all parties seamlessly. All organised in your inbox for dispute resolutions. You all all the eveidence you need.

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No Hidden Fees

Our users are impatient. They're probably distracted too. Keep it simple and beautiful, fun and functional. Clean simple 1% transaction fees supported by a strong rewards makes the cost bearable.


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